Why do you use stainless steel instead of plywood or particle board to make cabinets?

Let us look at this in the way Indians do… In India, we have a wet kitchen concept; Indians tend to use a lot of water and liquids to clean their kitchens. Plywood, particle Boards (third generation wood) and the fronts made of medium density fibreboard (MDF) gets soggy and degenerates in short period of times. Whereas, steel modules last forever; water or liquids of any kind never affect steel.

What are the distinct disadvantages over present wooden cabinetry?

  • TOFLUR Cabinets are crafted from Inert Stainless Steel of Three Zero Four (304) Grade, ensuring pest free, rust Free, non-Hazardous, non-Toxic and eco-friendly kitchen cabinetry.
  • TOFLUR is a one-stop-solution, brought about by decades of experience and is designed to near perfection.
  • TOFLUR has the distinction of being accurate in dimensions. It is durable, reliable, and is guaranteed for 10 years against rusting and above all, it is Truly Modular.
  • Each module of TOFLUR Steel cabinetry is independent, retrofit ready and reusable.